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This collection of resources, ie weblinks and reference materials, is related to both personal and professional interests. It is not meant to be a complete listing in any category... just a starting place to open up further exploration. Please use the Quick Note email box below to offer suggestions or corrections. This section is compiled and maintained by Michael Ney and below are some personal observations on the selections.

Cultural Creatives

This is a relatively new social phenomena I find captivating and enriching. It has many beneficial aspects such as a deep, and active, caring for the planet, as well as respect and learning from the often overlooked elders in society.


The Steiner education model made a lasting impression on me from my teenage years at Glenaeon. This section will evolve into a wider exploration of the field but to start with will focus on Steiner related links.

Film & TV

This is a general professional collection of useful links which will eventual grow into more specific categories. It cannot adequately cover the world, so the links will generally refer to Sydney, Australia.


Some useful tools to help with creating your presentations.


This area, especially helping authors in this new world of ebooks and self-publishing, is growing rapidly and I hope these links will keep your knowledge current.

Social Media

This constantly evolving field has so many avenues to be conversant in it is hard to keep up. New platforms and new ways of interlinking are coming all the time.

Virtual Realms

One of my first company vehicles was called "virtual Realm Xchange" and was intended to explore virtual realms commercially and artistically, but it soon became obvious we were ahead of our time... but now VR and AR are on the rise again, finally!


Initially the focus of these links will be on design and web tools.

...and this list will continue to grow. Please bookmark and come back soon.


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