Noric Dilanchian

Noric Dilanchian - - is the Managing Partner of Dilanchian Lawyers & Consultants established in 2000 in Sydney, Australia. He graduated from the University of New South Wales with degrees in Arts and Law. As a pioneer in the e-commerce, internet, and digital media industry in Australia Noric is a former President of AIMIA - the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association.

Noric has reviewed, prepared or advised on over 5,000 contracts. As a legaltech innovator he has developed and maintains a documents database of contracts and related templates. This substantial resource facilitates cost-effective and highly commercial advice, especially for the integration of legal and business strategy to protect, document, manage, raise capital and commercialise the intellectual assets of clients. Those assets include patents, copyrights, trademarks, brands, confidential information, information and entertainment content, computer programs, courseware and business systems.

For 33 years Noric has provided entrepreneurs, start-ups and established clients in numerous industries with specialist contract drafting and review services; advice for technology licensing and commercialisation; and advice for intellectual property protection, dispute resolution and revenue generation.

An ongoing program of research and publishing builds foresight for these legal and advisory services. This involves the Lightbulb blog which has over 500 substantive articles, and also the Annexium online training platform serving contract drafters, alerts and learning shared on social media, and seminar and elearning presentations for people in business and the professions.

In this career, Noric has learned the value of code standardisation and re-use and multidisciplinary know-how regarding business functions, processes and workflows. He applies this to analyse traditional and emerging value chains to create new business models, structures and ventures for client to engage knowledge assets, people and growth capital.


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What clients say about Noric Dilanchian


"Noric Dilanchian is one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in Australia when you are looking at the impact of digital technology on intellectual property rights. He thinks deeply about new business models and how they can be implemented into business - he adds significant value in highly practical ways."

Chris Gilbey OAM
CEO, Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd / Company Director and Entrepreneur


"With experience across a range of industries and keen interest in technology as well as associated platforms and networks, Noric assesses intellectual property and copyright needs astutely. He holds regard for existing regulation and finds innovative strategies and solutions to complex challenges. Drawing on his knowledge of law, business and publishing, Noric brings together information with precision and theatrical demonstration in order to facilitate a novice's understanding of sometimes seemingly complex concepts.

In doing so the seeker of advice, who listens attentively, is able to engage collaboratively with Noric. In turn Noric integrates his knowledge and experience in order to protect, document and manage the clients' intellectual property, copyright rights and knowledge assets. With his 'ear to the ground' Noric's professional expertise is a 'must have' for any business. He understands the challenges faced by business, and importantly those who are in the business of protecting their intellectual property and copyright rights.

Engaging Noric has been more than beneficial and cost effective. He has provided me with valuable knowledge along with a skill set that is both reassuring and empowering as I seek to achieve my business outcomes. This has allowed me to keep moving forward with business goals, maintaining clarity and focus as to what is possible within the context of the law and newly acquired information."

Jane Watson
Program and Client Services Co-ordinator at the Watson Headache Clinic and Watson Headache Institute