James Trembath

James has been in film production for more than 30 years starting his career at Channel 7 in Melbourne. He has worked as cameraman, alongside Michael Ney, on numerous shoots for Cinemedia. With a background in audio engineering and radio, and also the last 15 years as a DOP and Editor, James is our go to guy for specialised shoots, editing and, of course, great sound!

He currently shoots on the amazing Sony FS7 (with glorious 4K footage, if required) backed up with the Sony A7S (the low light King) and supporting equipment such as:

  • iShark Slider motion control system
  • Professional lighting and audio equipment
  • DJI OSMOS - 3 axis Gymbal

James is has produced content for many years for Television Sydney and Western Sydney University. His most recent job was filming the Unlimited. World Solar Car Documentary to be released in January 2016.

More info: Productions James has been busy on... western-production.format.com/productions

Projects: Eagle Spirit Media Live




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