Craig Peterson

Craig delivers creatively strong, technically advanced design and production, with extensive experience in publications, advertising, graphic and web design, corporate communications and logos. A special strength in digital illustration and image manipulation is evident, underpinned by strong traditional skills in typography and production.

With over 30 years graphic design experience, he has been the art director for national magazines, designing and producing The Australian Army’s 160 page Annual, including countless digital collages.

Software expertise in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator especially, amongst many others. Motion graphics, animation and video editing are new strings to the bow... as well as mastering the art of Autocue Operation (Teleprompter).

Projects:  Annexium, Kaplan, Hot Rox Press, The Crystal Visionary

More Info:  Handpress Graphics


What clients say about  Craig Peterson


I have worked with Craig in many creative endeavours since 1984 during his time as designer at Nature & Health magazine, and later at Simply Living magazine, and then later he helped with my own publication, The Crystal Visionary, as well as various clients work that I commissioned him for design work. At all times, I have found Craig to be a good listener, responding to a brief in generous, creative offerings that clients have been delighted with. He is extremely good natured and a delight to work with.

Michael Ney - Digital Media Producer for Eagle Spirit Media & Annexium


Craig is gracious enough to always give me choice when he presents his ideas to me - sometimes several versions. He needn’t bother as I rarely go past the first one anyway! A good listener, good interpreter but subtle enough in his interpretation to give the job his own blend of ‘wow’ factor while honouring the client's tastes and preferences.

Atmadharma Saraswati – Accredited Yoga Teacher – Satyananda Yoga Academy


I first worked with Craig Peterson and his company Handpress Graphics in the late 1990’s. His first job for me was a logo that became one of the most seen and recognisable in Australia. Since that time Craig has worked creatively and efficiently to assist me with the visual presentation of a number of ideas and projects. He is not just a valuable graphics support he works cost effectively and stimulates my own imagination with a number of suggestions from which I pick the one or combination I like best. I recommend him to you with the highest confidence that his work will surprise and delight you.

David Ettridge, Liberty Energy Limited


I originally engaged Craig to develop a product catalogue and in the process he redesigned the company image. The result was beyond my expectations exceptionally creative, relevant, clever, sophisticated. Indeed the only problem that I encountered was deciding from the wonderful range of options presented. To say that I am delighted is an understatement. Ditto for the further work that Craig has undertaken on my behalf.

Elizabeth Hensley, Mar Paso Trading Company