Kaleidoscope hosts a regular program of film parties, discussions - sometimes with special guests - especially exploring spirituality, ecology, arts, education and more.

The purpose of Kaleidoscope is to strengthen the community of Cultural Creatives in our area. Together, we will broaden our awareness, explore new directions, be educated on topical issues and celebrate our cultural diversity. Kaleidoscope is presented by Michael Ney of Eagle Spirit Media.

Kaleidoscope's Themes

1. Cultural Creatives
An emerging social movement promoting arts, education, spirituality and ecology.
2. Movies, Musicals and Mayhem
Presenting classics to modern masterpieces with background discussion.
3. Behind The Scenes
Exploring movie production, actors, cinematographers, directors and others.
4. Stranger Than Fiction
Discoveries of other worldly beings and hybrids and the apparent intersection of spirituality and ecology.



Close Encounters

Close Encounters - The "Real" Story

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Theme: Stranger Than Fiction

Discoveries of other worldly beings and hybrids and the apparent intersection of spirituality and ecology.

With our Kaleidoscope theme of "Stranger Than Fiction" - Discoveries of other worldly beings and hybrids and the apparent intersection of spirituality and ecology... let's explore the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" - as you've never seen it before... with doco clips about real world examples represented in the movie. Features interviews with Steven Spielberg, Dr Jacques Vallee, Dr John Mack, and we'll review the unusual life of ufologist Dr. Josef Allen Hynek - an astronomer hired by the US Air Force to examine UFO sightings in the late 40’s.

Close Encounters - Spielberg on set

The title itself - Close Encounters of the Third Kind - is derived from Dr. Hynek's classification of close encounters with aliens, in which "the third kind" denotes human observations of aliens. Interviews and videos from the field of UFO invstigations tell a mind-boggling story. Director, Steven Spielberg, based his movie on real life UFO and ET interaction cases. Learn about the research behind his script and, of course, see gratuitous excerpts from this blockbuster movie too.

To ensure the film was as accurate as possible to reports of UFO sightings, Spielberg brought in Dr J Allen Hynek. He also served as a scientific advisor to the infamous Blue Book group of UFO investigators created by the US government in order to determine whether or not the UFOs posed a threat to United States security. Tasked with examining inexplicable cases and seeking explanations - the more cases he looked at, the more his position changed from skeptic to advocate. Hynek conducted investigations of over 12,000 reported sightings from all over USA.

The character played by Francois Truffaut represented Dr Jacques Vallee - a well known computer scientist, ufologist and astronomer. Working at the French Space Committee he saw objects in space that were self propelled and NOT man made. He also witnessed the destruction of recordings of these objects by senior staff which ignited his passion for the search for UFOs.

Close Encounters - Spielberg on set
Ufologist Dr. Josef Allen Hynek appeared in a cameo role in the movie.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Movie Trailer

About Cultural Creatives

Sherry Ruth Anderson and Paul H. Ray (authors of The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World) gives the term "Integral Culture" to the growing subculture also referred to as transmodernism, and which he refers to as the "Cultural Creatives". They are concerned with ecological sustainability and in the case of a core group have a commitment to personal and spiritual development.More info:

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